• Measurable results.

    You want to know just how great your success will be? So do we.

Our approach is practice-tested, result-oriented, and efficient.
Your team is strongly involved.
Indeed, only those who contribute conceptually will advocate changes with conviction.


Nothing beats good conversation.

The WIZ method reflects our breadth of experience and is comprised of the following three areas: transfer of expertise, training on the job and personal sparring. A key element across these areas is good conversation and effective dialogue, either between individuals or in the scope of workshops with WIZ business partners.

Every week or two we will be working with you and your team outside of your usual procedures and routines. We tap into the source and uncover entrenched ideas, supplying new momentum. During these workshops true exchange takes place, focused on the following key questions:

  • How can we better understand our clients and better serve them?
  • Which technologies help us to better meet our customer needs?
  • How can we position ourselves better than our competitors in the market?
  • Which technologies help us to become more efficient and to lower our costs?
  • How can we use technology to save resources and support the sustainability of our business success?
  • How do we convince our employees to follow this path?
  • Which leadership competences should we continue to expand?


We have fashioned packages for a variety of business challenges.
These will be custom-tailored to meet your particular needs.


WIZ Business Partners supports you in the revision of your company.

Our Approach:
Your company has been repeatedly optimized over the years in various places. But how would you set it up today? We support you with analyzes, thoughts, ideas and systematically guide you through the reorientation process tailored to your needs. Also we will consider the latest trends and technologies. Together, we will build your reoriented operations, determine the priorities and measures for the move per area, and work out the success criteria.
The Results:
The company manual is written. Common goals, initiatives and resources are set out in a reorientation plan. The team is at the start of the implementation. The success criteria serve to check the success.


WIZ Business Partners supports you in the revision of a single area in your company.

Our Approach:
We work together to think through a business area such as sales, the product portfolio, etc. In the situation analysis, we turn every stone around and discuss the latest trends and technologies and their implications. Then we draw the ideal picture and develop the strategies and measures how to get from the current situation to the ideal picture. We also define criteria for success, which should be measured again and again during implementation.

The Results:
The transformation manual is written. A detailed plan with responsibilities and deadlines has been approved. The team is at the start of the implementation. A scorecard (success criteria) for the success control is an important tool.

WIZ Business Partners supports you in a complex project.

Our Approach:
After discussing the objective and analyzing the information available, we jointly determine the gaps that need to be filled. Only when all the necessary information has been compiled, we can start planning. The various sub-project topics receive action plans with clear responsibilities and timelines. The high quality of the implementation leads to the desired success.
The Results:
An important step in improving the competitiveness of the business has been made.

WIZ Business Partners accompanies you during the execution and implementation of your plans.

Our Approach:
In monthly meetings, we jointly review the success of your actions and sharpen the outstanding implementation plan. You will get all our insights and little tricks.

WIZ also writes the report with all decisions and ensures the update of the scorecard.

The Results:
All decision-makers are kept informed and involved. As a result, the actions are supported by strong buy in. To everyone’s delight, the common goals are often exceeded.


WIZ Business Partners supports you and your team in refining or developing leadership competences.

Our Approach:
Depending on the situation and need, we opt for individual sparring sessions or team workshops. In these meetings you will receive documents with the discussed concepts and models. This is how we put together your personal leadership manual.

If required, your WIZ Business Partner will be at your service 24/7.

The Results:
You feel strengthened and enjoy your new facets, refined methods and the successes achieved in your environment.


Our cooperation generates fresh momentum – for your company, your employees and your business results.

Any act of reorientation signifies a great opportunity for your company and your team.
The time for this may not always be ideal, but it is always right.


Our approach is practice-tested, result-oriented and efficient.

Your team is strongly involved.
Indeed, only those who contribute conceptually will advocate changes with conviction.