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We are a group of successful managers, who combine well-established professional and management knowledge with a great deal of creativity. We have spent many years shaping countless transformations and shifts in culture and have executed successful strategies in complex environments. This experience has taught us that in order to avoid being involuntarily impacted by change, it is necessary to shape or harness it.

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Board member in SMEs of various industries, in Start-Ups, Sales, Risk Management, Financial Planning, Insurance and Banking

Customer Service, Inventory Optimization, Logistic Network, Forecasting, Production Planning & Scheduling, Sourcing, Process Optimization

Behavioral Economist & Leadership Coach

General Management, Start-Ups, Category Management, Marketing & Communication, Strategic Sourcing

Family doctor, Doctor Internal Medicine, expert in ethics-related decision-making


WIZ Business Partners AG

Alte Landstrasse 10, 8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland
T: +41 44 724 43 49, E: info@wizbp.ch

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We are looking forward to speaking with you in person.