• Don’t hesitate to expect more.

    We won’t let up until you are utterly convinced, and we are, too.

  • Fresh ideas often lie below the surface.

    Our products & processes can help you find them.

  • The value of a secret is knowing when to apply it.

    Our specialists have a wealth of experience to share.

Boutique for Business & Team Development
We combine in-depth professional and management knowledge with extensive experience.
We have shaped and successfully implemented numerous transformations.
Our approach is practice-tested, result-oriented and efficient.
We are your personal sparring partner and will support you and your team.
With your team, for your team.

You want to:

Revise your business or a single area

Expand your leadership competences or those of your team.

At the same time, day-to-day business must be continued.

You are looking for a competent sparring partner with a lot of passion for your business and your team.


We form a tandem:

After the situation analysis, we develop the target positioning, strategies and key performance indicators.

We like to accompany you during the implementation. The success check is also very important to us.

Depending on the situation, we opt for individual sparring sessions or team workshops.


The challenge is solved:

Your innovation power is strengthened

Your leadership competences are expanded

You hold your company and/or personal leadership manual in your hands.

The transfer of WIZ Ideas, Know How and methods was successful.

Together we are proud of your success!


Our cooperation generates fresh momentum — for your company,
your employees and your business results.
Any act of reorientation signifies a great opportunity for your company and your team.
The time for this may not always be ideal, but it is always right.