• The only constant is change.

    Insight into our transformations.

  • Don’t hesitate to expect more.

    We won’t let up until you are utterly convinced, and we are, too.

  • Fresh ideas often lie below the surface.

    Our products & processes can help you find them.

  • The value of a secret is knowing when to apply it.

    Our specialists have a wealth of experience to share.

Shifting market needs and digitalization call for new strategies and novel offers.


WIZ – the Boutique of Business Development and Transformation that unites successful Senior Leaders.
We are a multinational group of successful managers who combine well-established professional and management knowledge with extensive experience and creativity.

Are you striving to become the state of the art company in your field or in a cross functional area. Or are you even looking at extending a present advantage?

We will challenge you, at times more than the market itself. And we will support you with impulses, ideas and know-how.

Together we will approach your company as if we are designing a start-up. Or we put ourselves in the shoes of a competitor.

From these new perspectives your team gains the freedom to question itself and to leave no stone unturned in the search for innovation.

The innovative power and trust are enhanced. Goals are reached and even surpassed.

The strategic foundation is built. The ROI is calculated and ways of measuring success are identified. The transformation plan is implemented through state of the art techniques.

Our transformations generate fresh momentum — for your company,
your employees and your business results.
Every reorientation process holds great opportunities for a company, an organization or a company segment.
The time for this may not always be ideal, but it is always right.